Hi! My name’s Anna, and I’m a lifelong learner and storyteller.

For the past six years, I’ve been pursuing a PhD in literature at York University, where my teaching, writing, and research has focused on representations of gender, race, and sexuality in American Literature and pop culture, including television, film, genre fiction, fan fiction, and comic books. I successfully defended my dissertation in January, 2017.

I love exploring the underexplored aspects of culture and sharing those explorations whenever and wherever I can, from university classrooms and academic conferences to fan forums and blogs. My goal is to continue pursuing this passion within a creative, diverse, and fast-paced environment that challenges me to keep learning new skills and new ways of telling stories.

On this site, you’ll find my up-to-date résumé, along with lists of my previous and upcoming publications and presentations. If you’re interested in my work, hit up the contact page to give me a shout!